What Do You Mean - "Assorted"?

image of paua/abalone shell and sterling silver necklace

This page is reserved for the jewelry that doesn't quite fit into the categories on the other pages, either because different materials such as shell, wood, or glass are used or because they are neither earrings nor necklaces.

Dichroic Glass Pendants

Here are 6 unique dichroic glass pendants on either a black neck hoop with magnetic clasp or a multi-strand adjustable necklace. It's strictly first come first served on these. I'm not sure that I could even find a source for anything like these pendants now. Buy one for $12.00 or take set AA or BB for just $30.00.

trio of dichroic glass pendant necklaces trio of dichroic glass pendant necklaces

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Shell "Collar" Necklace

image of shimmering abalone or paua shell with fancy silver beads, strung on cable

This is the much larger array of tapered strips generally called "collars" rather than the 13 piece "fans". In this case the material is also shell rather than stone. When I purchased this years ago at a trade show it was marketed as "Paua shell" but I thought it looked exactly like abalone shell. Sure enough, when I did a little research I found that they are indeed one and the same. The only difference is whether it originated here or in New Zealand as the word abalone is derived from Spanish and paua comes from the Maori language. Treat yourself or someone you love to this gorgeous necklace!

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Bracelets With Magnetic Clasps

picture of single strand pearl and bead bracelets with magnetic clasps

Have you ever struggled with a regular clasp when trying to put on a bracelet? Those little spring clasps can be buggers in the best of circumstances, but trying to do it one-handed really makes it a challange. Why not make your life (or someone else's) easier with one of our magnetic clasp bracelets? All you need to do is to move the ends of the clasps toward each other and they will close themselves. One word of warning though, despite being small these are very strong magnets and are NOT to be used by anyone with a pacemaker!

Since there is no stretch in these bracelets it is important to know what size is needed. We are showing three sizes of freshwater pearl and gold-filled bracelets, 6 inch, 6 1/2 inch, and 7 inch. Sizes are approximate. I do the best I can to hit the desired length but pattern and materials may make it a smidge over or under. The glass bead bracelet shown worked out to 6 1/2 inches. We plan to add new designs and as always would be happy to customize your bracelet design to your specifications.

Freshwater pearl and gold-filled bracelet


Glass bead bracelet


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