Sterling Silver Earrings

I recently came across a storage box full of jewelry that I had made several years ago and I've just started designing new ones again. Most of my jewelry is made from sterling silver or gold-filled wire, sheet, and findings along with semi-precious stone, shell, and glass. (I personally hate plasic "jewelry".) I am sure that these are the best deals in town because I'm almost giving them away! As always, custom orders are encouraged. In some cases I already have the same design made up with different stones, for instance, amethyst or black onyx instead of garnet. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss a custom design.

These have been grouped into sets according to price so that we may more easily offer you savings when you order more than one pair. And speaking of savings, remember that shipping is now included in the price and there are discount coupons available in our shopping cart should you order more than one item or choose to pick up your order rather than having it shipped to you.

Extra Fancy Filigree

The earrings in this catagory are in very limited supply as they are based on filigree findings that I may not be able to re-supply.

image of sterling silver filigree earrings with garnet beads and faceted stone drops

Extra fancy garnet earrings feature both small garnet beads as well as faceted stone drops. The effect is quite stunning when sunlight pours through these "chandelier" type earrings.

$30.00    Add To Cart

picture of fancy sterling filigree earrings featuring turquois and black onyx

The second offering in this group is made with opaque rather than transparent stones but is just as effective in its own way. Turquoise and black onyx team up to make a perfect pair!"

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Sterling Silver "Threader" Earrings

Some time ago I bought some findings for a different style of earrings called "threaders", but put my jewelry making aside for awhile and have just recently decided that it was high time that I designed something with them. Most of the earrings of this type that I've seen have featured small lightweight charms, but I didn't have any of those available and besides I really like faceted stones in very simple settings. Voila! Here you have my contribution to this earring category.

image of small amethyst attached to a sterling silver chain ear finding

Amethyst and sterling threaders feature 4mm round faceted stones on box chain threader findings.

$18.00    Add To Cart

picture of garnet and silver threader earrings

Our second threader offering is just like the first except that the stones are garnet rather than amethyst. I believe that these are rhodolite garnets as they have a distinctly pinkish color.

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picture of sky blue topaz and sterling box chain threader earrings

This pair features 5mm round sky blue topaz stones attached to sterling box chain threaders.

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picture of clear topaz and sterling silver threader style earrings

Our final two designs in this category employ a slightly different threader finding. Instead of the threader chain simply ending in a loop, the front is fashioned like the first part of a French hook. I assume that this is meant to stabilize the earring. Our first pair of this type are made with 4x6 oval white (clear) topaz stones.

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image of peridot and sterling silver threader style earrings.

Last but not least in the threader earring category are these lovely 4x6 oval peridots on the enhanced silver threader findings mentioned above.

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Fine and Sterling Silver Earrings

I have designed some lovely new earrings using some fine silver findings I had in supply. They are shown as post earrings but we will make yours with French hooks instead if you like. Just leave us a message to that effect in the message box on our shopping cart checkout page.

picture of silver, lapis lazuli and cz earrings

FS1 is a pair of silver earrings featuring lapis lazuli and clear cz.

$15.00   Add To Cart

image of silver, malachite, and cz earrings

FS2 is the same design but featuring malachite.

$15.00   Add To Cart

picture of silver, carnelian, and cz earrings

FS3 features carnelian and clear cz.

$15.00   Add To Cart

image of shorter silver and smokey quartz earrings

FS4 presents a change. This pair is a little shorter than the first three and consists of fine silver, sterling silver, and smoky quartz.

$15.00   Add To Cart

picture of shorter faceted black onyx and cz earrings

FS5 is also one of the shorter drop earrings in this collection, consisting of silver, faceted black onyx and clear cz.

$15.00   Add To Cart

longer smoky quartz and silver earrings

FS6 presents a longer drop design in smoky quartz and silver.

$15.00   Add To Cart

img of silver drop earrings with round amethys beads

FS7 is the first of this group to feature amethyst, in this case round amethyst beads.

$15.00   Add To Cart

image of silver and faceted amethyst bead drop earrings

FS8 is very similar to #7 but has faceted amethyst beads instead of round ones.

$15.00   Add To Cart

picture of faceted amethyst heart earrings

FS9 features faceted amethyst heart-shaped beads.

$15.00   Add To Cart

image of faceted garnet and silver earrings

FS10 is a slightly longer drop earring featuring faceted garnet beads

$15.00   Add To Cart

picture of silver, freshwater pearl, and garnet earrings

FS11 combines garnet with freshwater pearls.

$15.00   Add To Cart

image of freshwater pearl and blue cz earrings

FS12 combines freshwater pearls, silver, and blue cz.

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Basic Sterling Drop Earrings

Here's a really economical set -- buy one pair for $12.00 or take all three for just $25.00!

image of cloisonne earrings

Sterling and cloisonne earrings $12.00   Add To Cart

image of moonstone and sterling earrings

Moonstone and sterling silver earrings $10.00   Add To Cart

image of garnet and sterling earrings

Sterling silver and garnet earrings $10.00   Add To Cart

image of three pairs of earrings

Take all three pair for just $25.00 --that's a buy two, and get the third pair for only one dollar!   Add To Cart

Sterling Silver Earrings II

We're going a bit up-market here so the prices are higher due to higher priced stones and-or higher end findings such as lever-back earrings instead of plain French hooks. This set is priced at $18.00 per pair or all three for $45.00.

image lapis lazuli moon earrings

Lapis lazuli and hematite earrings $18.00   Add To Cart

image of fancy sterling earrings with aquamarine bead

Aquamarine and blue CZ earrings $18.00   Add To Cart

image of sterling silver and crystal earrings

Sterling silver and crystal earrings $18.00   Add To Cart

Sterling earring set II Take all three for only $45.00   Add To Cart

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