Semi-Precious Stone Necklaces

image of necklace made of jade beads and Oriental inscribed bone beads lovely malachite oval features in this adjustable silver choker

With the exception of emeralds all of my favorite stones fall into the semi-precious category. That's really not surprising considering what a wide range that covers! Since this page is dedicated to necklaces featuring semi-precious stones, I hope to provide a range of styles from strung beads to pendants and chokers. For neclaces featuring other materials such as crystal, shell, wood, etc. and for other semi-precious stone jewelry such as bracelets please check out ourAssorted Jewelrypage. Remember to also check out our necklace and earring sets which have their own page.

In a Blue Moon

picture of sterling chain necklace with lapis lazuli crescent moon and black onyx centerpiece

With it's rich blue color it's no wonder that lapis lazuli has been a favorite semi-precious stone for centuries. This necklace features a central curve of half-hard sterling silver wire that supports a lapis lazuli crescent moon accented with black onyx beads.

You can find a similar pair of earrings on our sterling earrings page.. If you wish I can even make a new pair that will match more exactly, as long as my lapis half-moons hold out. As customization has always been a large part of our business I already have had experience with tailoring that earring design for a customer years ago. If you'd like to know more about how a customer's wishes transformed an $18.00 pair of earrings into a $200.00 pair just check out our Tips and Notes page.

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Fall for Fall!

picture of sterling silver and semi-precious stone necklaces featuring carved stone leaf pendants

Fall is a special time for those of us who live in New England and I've designed three special necklaces to celebrate it this year. Instead of taking a separate picture of each we are showing them all in one photograph so that you can get a better idea of the lengths available. The necklaces from left to right are Amazonite, Bloodstone, and Tiger Eye with sterling silver. Choose your stone and choose the 20 inch, 22 inch, or 24 inch length.

Amazonite Leaf Pendant


Bloodstone Leaf Pendant


Tiger Eye Leaf Pendant


Choker Length Necklaces

I have added an extension chain to these necklaces in order to help fit my individual customer's needs. Although these days I'm trying for a "one size fits most" approach, I am always glad to work with you to tailor a piece to just one particular individual -- you or your intended recipient! Where else can you find both quality and customization at such budget-friendly prices?

Carved Buddha Necklace

picture of sterling silver choker featuring a carved serpentine buddha

A short strand of carved serpentine buddha beads caught my eye at a gem show and I was impressed by the detail and the fact that it was carved in the round so that it was more like a tiny statue than like a typical pendant that's flat on the back. I think these "beads" deserve some attention so I decided to use just one as the focal point of a choker length necklace. I like the effect. Do you?

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Malachite Oval Necklace

picture of sterling silver choker with central malachite oval

The gorgeous green of malachite has been appreciated over the ages and is only enhanced by the variable patterns shown in the polished stone. I really should have put it on our Unique Designspage since no two pieces of the natural stone are exactly the same. The oval malachite featured in the center of this choker is just large enought to show the patterns but not large enough to be uncomfortable to wear in a choker. Should the sterling silver become tarnished over time, please remember to use a polishing cloth NOT a liquid silver cleaner as that would completely ruin the stones.

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Stone Fan Necklaces

Quite a few years ago I purchased a bunch of semi-precious stone "collars" or "fans" to make into necklaces but never actually did the "making" until very recently. (I confess that the same occurred with some sterling silver "threader" type earring findings, but luckily for me the fashion cycle has spun round again and I have some exciting new designs in mind!)Shipping via USPS ground to the continental US and tax is included in the price. I'm doing all that I can to make these pieces accessible to everyone.

Moss Agate

image of moss agate fan strung on sterling beading chain

This necklace features lots of moss agate, not only in the central "fan" but strung on most of the length of beading chain. All of these necklaces were designed to be about sixteen inches. The ones done with sterling beading chain drape much more than those made with "liquid silver" on miniature cable.

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amazonite fan and beads on cable with tiny silver tube beads called "liquid silver"

Tones of aqua to teal catch the eye in the amazonite "fan" and beads and work well with the accompanying sterling silver beads. All of the necklaces in this series that are strung on "liquid silver" covered mini-cable tend to keep a more rounded shape when worn.

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pretty green aventurine strung with sterling silver beads on sterling beading chain

Classic green aventurine is sometimes described as "sugary" in appearance due to the mineral flecks in the stone. This necklace is strung on sterling silver beading chain.

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Black Onyx

black onyx fan strung on mini-cable with sterling and fancy black onyx beads

What can I say? Black and silver form a classic combo and this necklace is enhanced by the flat rectangular and "rice" or "melon" black onyx beads along with the standard rounds. This one is strung on mini-cable.

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Blue Onyx

image of blue onyx fan and beads strung on min-cable

In order not to mislead anyone I want to state right now that this stone has been dyed. In fact, even though some black onyx occurs naturally, most of what's on the market has also been artificially colored. That's a little disappointing, but it's still far better than plastic in my estimation! This is another of the mini-cable strung necklaces as you can see in the picture.

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Jade, Cloisonne, and Bone Necklace

20 inch necklace made of jade beads, cloisonne, sterling silver beads, and bone beads strung on sterling beading chain

I have always been drawn to Asian style art and enjoyed shopping for cloisonne and other jewelry making material. Since I have always used more silver than gold in my jewelry designs I always kept an eye out for cloisonne beads with silver colored metal rather than the much more common gold tones. This green jade necklace uses some of those as well as fancy silver beads and bone beads inscribed with a stem and leaf design. Instead of the more traditional silk, I chose to string this on sterling silver beading chain since the jade and silver beads have enough weight to stretch silk rather quickly.

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The Wisp

garnet necklace strung on gold plated mini cable with gold-filled findings garnet necklace strung on sterling silver plated mini cable with sterling silver findings

I was looking through some of my jewelry supplies and came across a strand of marquis cut, faceted garnet beads. The drill holes on items like this are always tiny. I dug further into my supplies and came up with the solution. Steel mini cable plated with sterling silver or carat gold (I have both) then covered with a protective nylon coating was fine enough to work.

The finished necklaces are feather light, just perfect for the sweltering weather we were having at the time. I have named this design "Wisp". Although they are so light, the faceted garnets still provide plenty of the Wow factor. Choose the silver with sterling silver beads and clasp or the gold with gold-filled findings and let us know if you'd like the clasp set up for a left-handed person.

As always, I am picking up the tab for shipping on my hand-crafted jewelry.


In order to make your life a bit easier, I have included standard shipping to the continental U.S. in the price so you'll know up front exactly what you will be paying - no hidden fees or charges. Our sister site, Greenbriar Gifts and Giftbaskets will also follow this model for the standalone gifts. Local customers can earn a 20% discount by making an appointment to pick up their orders instead of having them shipped.