For those of you who like to coordinate your jewelry (and those of you looking for a great gift for someone who does) we offer several necklace and earring sets.

Necklace and Earring Sets

Moonstone and Silver Necklace and Earring Set

shimmering moonstone teardrop pendant and earring set

This set features both teardrop and round beads of true moonstone and sterling silver. This is not a flashy semi-precious stone but it's still one of my favorites. (I do also like the so-called "rainbow moonstone" but that is a different mineral entirely and not moonstone!) For those who want the real deal, we're offering this lovely set for just $25.00, shipping included.

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Garnet and Gold-filled Necklace and Earring Set

picture of garnet and gold-filled necklace and earring set

Here's a beautiful set of faceted garnet and gold-filled earrings paired with a matching faceted garnet teardrop pendant on a gold-filled chain. It would make a great gift for Valentine's Day or really ANY day! I have priced these beauties at a fantastic low price (especially since shipping is included). If, on the other hand, the person viewing this item is shopping for herself, I still have to say "What are you waiting for? Grab one before they're gone!"

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Sterling Silver and Garnet Necklace and Earring Set

picture of garnet andsterlig silver necklace and earring set

I'm fairly certain that overall the gold is the preferred metal/color for jewelry just about everywhere, but there are still some people who prefer silver. I happen to know that for a fact because I'm one of them! So here is a jewelry set for you/them. I have paired faceted garnet teardrops with sterling silver beads, findings, and chain to make a stunning set. I also tend to like the round chain known as snake chain, so if you or your gift recipient has tastes at all like mine, you should be really happy to have found my site.

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Silver and Stone Necklace and Earring Sets

The inspiration for the necklace design below came from some fancy sterling silver bead caps that I had purchased long ago. Once I had tweaked the original prototype I repeated the design with several different semi-precious stones.

Purple amethyst Silver and Stone set

purple amethyst and sterling silver neclace and earring set on jewelry display form

Stunning purple amethyst and sterling silver beads are strung on sterling silver beading chain and set in place with tiny silver crimp beads. Necklaces are approximately 16 inches long. (Please remember that customization is always available.)<

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Aventurine Silver and Stone set


This set features green aventurine, known for the extra interest tiny inclusions give to this semi-precious stone.

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Cape and pink amethyst Silver and Stone set

picture of necklace and earring set featuring cape amethyst and pink amethyst

After making the purple amethyst set I thought I'd make a set from cape amethyst - a semi-precious stone that's a mixture of purple amethyst and milky quartz. I discovered that I only had that stone in the largest bead size used for this design. I also discovered that I had the other required bead sizes in pink amethyst, a stone I had forgotten even existed! For those interested in minerals, it's the inclusion of hematite that causes the pink color.

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Carnelian Silver and Stone set

necklace and earring set featuring bright carnelian beads

In contrast to the smokey crimson of garnet, carnelian is a much brighter red, generally more scarlet to orangey. This set will brighten even the dullest winter day!

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Garnet Silver and Stone set

image of garnet and sterling silver necklace and earring set

I listed these sets alphabetically and couldn't be happier that the carnelian and garnet sets ended up so close together so that our customers can more easily see the difference in color of these two red stones. While the carnelian is a bright scarlet to orange, the garnet is a much darker, more crimson red - think vintage Father Christmas.

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Serpentine Silver and Stone set

sterling silver and translucent serpentine necklace and earring set

Serpentine might be one of the lesser known semi-precious stones, but it's well worth a look. I find it to have more of a yellow tinge than aventurine. Please note that the largest stone beads in this set are larger than those in any of the others, resulting in a slightly longer necklace. Since the bead caps that started this whole series fit both sizes of beads there was no reason to leave this stone out.

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